Gabe - Owner/Brewmaster

Growing up in the great state of Oklahoma, you learn 2 things - hard work and passion.  These two traits are what guided me from the plains of Oklahoma to becoming a master brewer.  I learned early on that I enjoy working with my hands, reverse engineering anything and bringing happiness to people - what better way than beer.  Beer, which is millenniums old, has always been a conduit for socialization of people.  I have spent the last 16 years learning from the best in the business, all across the globe, on how to create the best beers possible to bring happiness to the people.  

I've traveled and visited breweries in San Diego, Washington DC, Portland and Colorado over the years.  Each brewery holds a special memory.  I wanted to create a brewery in Plover Wisconsin that was a collection of all my travels.  From the unique yeasts used in DC, to the live music component of Portland, to the laid back environments of San Diego, to the open air/outdoor breweries in Colorado.  You will see a bit of each at Backcountry, combined with the core values of Central Wisconsin.  As much as I love beer, I love to see people enjoying the fruits of my labor even more.  Cheers!